1976-11-18 - Stadthalle Wein, Vienna, Austria

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1976-11-18 - Stadthalle Wein, Vienna, Austria

Postby techtuts » Thu Mar 10, 2016 9:13 pm

Format: FLAC
Source: Audience
Quality: B (Maybe B+ if unedited so I can remaster properly)
Frequency response is ok, stereo imaging is not great. Some artifacts due to over-denoising.
This is a remaster that has been overly denoised, I do not have the original transfer. If you have a tape or unedited transfer of this please contact me.

Set List:
1. I’m Gonna Leave You 6:21
2. She Makes Me (Feel Alright) 3:41
3. Look Into The Future 9:08
4. (On A) Saturday Nite 6:15
5. Topaz 8:45
6. Of A Lifetime 8:10

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Re: 1976-11-18 - Stadthalle Wein, Vienna, Austria

Postby Bootradr » Sun Nov 06, 2016 9:20 am

I think I have this same copy you have here? The file size definitely matches as well...


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