1973-01-01 - Honolulu, Diamond head crater - 'Sunshine festival'

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1973-01-01 - Honolulu, Diamond head crater - 'Sunshine festival'

Postby tales » Sat Mar 19, 2016 8:51 pm

Journey - Diamond Head Crater, Hawaii 1/1/73 - 1st GEN - COMPLETE!!

Journey (billed as Sears, Schon & Errico w/ Rolie guesting)
Sunshine Festival
Diamond Head Crater
Honolulu, HI

Pete Sears-bass
Neal Schon-guitar
Greg Errico-drums
+Gregg Rolie- keys

1) You're My Girl
2) Voodoo Child (Slight Return)
3) Tonight
4) Storm
5) Pirates of the Caribbean
6) Black Magic Woman


This show comes from taperpat’s 1st Gen. reel copy of this amazing performance!

Note that there was no 'remastering' done to this recording apart from a 6.9 gain boost, cleaning up the cut from original tape flip and adding beginning and ending fades. There was no re-encoding or compression added.

There is some light tape crackle in the left channel on tracks 4, 5 and 6 that was on taperpat's original reel. This, to me, does not affect the overall quality of the recording, which again is excellent!

I personally feel the sound quality is superior to all other complete and incomplete versions of this show out there (I have 5 different copies – 3 from Dime!). It is a nice, warm mix with excellent stereo separation. Neal is on FIRE and the rest of the band ain't too bad, either ;)

Mastercassette (recorded by Don Amick with Sony 126 casssette deck and two mics on poles, usually 20 feet apart FOB)>(taperpat)1st. Gen. Reel (Revox A77)>Phillips 785 Standalone-CDR>PC>Sony Vegas>EAC>FLAC Frontend>Dime


Comments from taperpat regarding this version of the tape:

I can't comment on the band title but can help a bit on the original taper. My version of this show came labeled as Birthday 1/1/73 and I have had it since mid '73 at the latest. Same personnel and set list.


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Re: 1973-01-01 - Honolulu, Diamond head crater - 'Sunshine festival'

Postby techtuts » Sat Mar 19, 2016 9:23 pm

Awesome, thanks for posting!

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