My Thoughts on Arrival!

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My Thoughts on Arrival!

Postby Yoda Sonic Fighter » Sat Jun 06, 2020 3:12 am

the album was amazing I really enjoyed such songs like ''Kiss me Softly'' ''Higher Place'' ''We will meet again'' I wish journey would perform these songs again. but I doubt they would sound the same with Arnel something about the piano keys of ''Loved By You'' bring me to a place of heaven! Other than the Steve Perry Line Up this is the best line up in my honest opinion! Steve Augeri Voice just made these songs click
I Doubt Journey will find a replacement as good as Steve Augeri in terms of vocal sound! Even When He was with his last legs with the band
he still sounds a lot better than Arnel at this point! it's not Arnel fault after all he's been with the band for 13 years which is indeed longer than any other frontman they have had before. Some Quick Facts! Jonathan Cain Wrote Loved by you in 1998 dedicated to his wife Elizabeth
later three years later it was used in the album Arrival A couple of tracks didn't make it on arrival, however! that being ''Living on Love''
''From the First Look'' ''Such a Good Time'' ''I'm Not That Way'' which was released on a Japanese bonus Track! the other two songs were never added on arrival!

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