list of lesser known songs played during arrival tour

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list of lesser known songs played during arrival tour

Postby Yoda Sonic Fighter » Fri Mar 20, 2020 10:31 pm

some lesser-played songs during the arrival tour
The 2001 Arrival was very much a success and today I want to go over what lesser-known songs that were performed during this tour So like always here we go!
love by you 3 times in total played usually played after faithfully
All the Things was performed about 3 times the West Palm Beach concert 2001 was the best example of hearing this song live
A lifetime of dreams twice performed usually after faithfully
Still She Cries was played a couple of times
Forever in blue, I have one bootleg of this song were Steve Augeri played this song
Remember me was played 5 times
Girl Can't help it was played once
Raised on Radio was played during a NY concert with journey 2001
Still They Ride 5 times
Mother father 2 times
Rubicon once
Edge of the Blade once
Where Were you once
One More twice
Can't Tame a lion once
If He should break Your heart twice
Patiently was played once
Precious Time was Performed once
Stay Awhile usually played with Lights
It's Just the Rain Performed live in 2 concerts after 911 in the one audio bootleg You can clearly tell its steve A and not Dean
but at the end, they stuck to Trial By fire and Liberty
Lay it down was played the same concert as the NY one
if you collect I recommend the earlier Arrival concerts as they contain
Many Gems the arrival tour was very random in terms of songs the beginning of the tour they mixed it up quite a bit.

You may recognize this post from Ummm I made it last night, and well me falling asleep on the computer so yeah lol forget to add some other songs to the list

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