What If Steve Augeri Took a Break

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What If Steve Augeri Took a Break

Postby Yoda Sonic Fighter » Mon Feb 22, 2021 2:50 am

Today I want to talk about if Steve Augeri managed to continue touring with Journey what would have probably happened

let's say the band took a break after the 2003 tour season Neal Schon would probably begin the work on the Generations album with the band. the album would debut in late 2004 instead of 2005, they would support tour in 2005 like before. except for this time, Steve Augeri voice would sound so much better he would get his break. the band would play songs like Higher Place tracks from Red 13 too and of course the new generations album. Dean would also sing on some songs The Band would continue touring well into 2007 and then again they would have another break in where Neal Schon would want to create a new Album called Freedom in which Dean & Steve Augeri Gregg Rolie sing on these tracks for the album "Where Did I Lose Your Love'' ''Never Walk Away'' Augeri On Vocals ''Winds Of Freedom'' 'Dean on vocals'
''Change For The Better'' 'Dean on Vocals' Greg would be invited to join them on Tour on which yes He accepts the request
Greg & Neal Schon would write a newer version of Feeling that way & Anytime. the band would go out and tour with these new songs in 2011 Neal Schon & The Band would do one final Album with Augeri Called Eclipse and the rest you guys can imaging yourself

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