2006-09-03 Reno, NV

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2006-09-03 Reno, NV

Postby capman » Wed Jun 21, 2017 9:50 pm

Found today, not recorded by me. A SB from JSS! Although I don't think he was a perfect fit, the band is super tight here. Enjoy!
September 3 2006
Reno Event Center
Reno, NV


Multitracked soundboard
Mixed and Recorded by SOS Mobile Recording Studio
Subsidary to SOS Productions
Mix version 3.0


1. Star Spangled Banner pt. 1
2. Star Spangled Banner pt. 2
3. Stone In Love
4. Ask The Lonely
5. Wheel In The Sky
6. Keep On Runnin
7. Egde Of The Blade
8. Who's Crying Now
9. Chain Reaction
10. Lights
11. Piano Solo
12. Open Arms
13. Lovin, Touchin, Squeezin
14. Escape
15. Dead Or Alive
16. Faithfully
17. Don't Stop Believin'
18. Any Way You Want It
19. Encore
20. Separate Ways

Good amount of time was spending in mixing this so hope you guys like it. Sounds good loud! Thanks to Journey for putting on a fine show, and congrats to Jeff Scott Soto for the official promotion!

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