Misc Steve Perry-era Index

Demo tapes, rarities, interviews etc
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Misc Steve Perry-era Index

Postby techtuts » Mon Feb 08, 2016 3:24 pm

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Misc Performances

1979/80 ZDF RockPop performances
1980 Fridays show (need a copy)
1981 Bammies (need a copy)
1981 Tom Snyder show (need a copy)
1991 Bill Graham Memorial Concert
2014 Eels Performances


1980 Blue Jean Special (Looking for a better copy)
1980 Any Way You Want It Making Of (need a copy)
1982 Sound Super City Special 'Journey Story' (テレビ埼玉 + TVK 夕やけTOMATO) (Television Saitama + TVK Funky Tomato) (need a copy)
1983 Rock Special (need a copy)
1983 Frontiers and Beyond (Official, try to find a VHS or Laserdisc copy. PM me if you can't find one)
1986 Raised on Radio Documentary
1987 Hard Rock Cafe (need a copy)
2001 VH1 Behind The Music

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Re: Misc Steve Perry-era Index

Postby drewblanton » Tue May 29, 2018 8:58 pm

Do you still need a copy of "Frontiers and Beyond" -- I have this on DVD. Not sure of the trade lineage but I have it rated as A/A-, so I would think its either off a master or 1st generation VHS. If you want it PM me.

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