Does Anyone have Journey Alaska 2004 DVD concert

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Does Anyone have Journey Alaska 2004 DVD concert

Postby Yoda Sonic Fighter » Fri Jul 24, 2020 11:42 pm

So from what I hear they did a couple of shows in Alaska in March 2004 the dates being 23rd and 17th
they were on like a cruise ship and they had it recorded it was set as a DVD release to raise money for Alaskan schools
Does anyone have a copy of the tape that I can get a hole of I remember someone on talking about it a while ago

from what I hear this was the setlist

State Of Grace
Separate ways
Wheel in the sky
Stone in love
Precious Time
Jonathan Cain Piano Intro
Who's Crying Now
Open Arms
Just the same way
Mother Father
Don't Stop Believing

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